Gratitude…..the quality of being thankful.

We are not born with understanding to appreciate all of the wonders around us,or even to appreciate the experiences we feel. It takes time. Practice. Patience.”

“Gratitude is a form of thinking”

I read above mentioned lines somewhere but my story is slight differenet or i say , I am more lucky than others

Since childhood , I was having a habit of being happy with what i have.
Believe it or not, Being Happy with what you have does not hamper Growth or Success of yours.

As I said, I was having a habit of being happy in what i have , but i never realize the benifit or imporatnce of this habit , I was using this always for my family, relatives & friend circle.
The most important thing is required for Being Happy in what you have is Look Back and think of good, So i used to look back & feel good with my memories.

1 #Thank you for Being My FIRST

First Job Wings….These wings were most desirable wish -As When i started My Engineering i heard the complete world was facing Global recession

It gave a different identity to Self When –>First Job through Campus Recruitment
First Job in Japneese MNC
First Job in OEM Directly
First Job In Top Brand for Quality
First Job in Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India Pvt Ltd

Rewarded to have the Chance to be part of new Journey with New Ambitions with a small fear of getting lost in Big cowded Ship Called Honda

Since 2011, I am working with Honda. During Covid19 , Complete India Lockdown gave me an opportunity to think of my journey of 9 years here.

The Moment , When i look Back. The Best Part was trainings and grooming of Employees into a good human Being. “Striving to be a company that society wants to exist” , The Habit of Being Happy with What you Have Shaped into fine skill Called Gratitude .

First Job Wings….Honda Wings

2 #Thank you for Excellent Career Growth

During Covid19 when people are worried about their job security and If job is secured then 2020 apraisal.(I saw some posts on social media & heard many news)
Leadership & crisis management is available here_learnt the bold word recently in training.
WE feel Safe here and got the 2020 ontime apraisal too.

In this tough time i just want show my gratitued to the organisation by saying i am proud of working with HONDA, My journey here is so good that it always motivate me to express my feelings.

  • First thing First –>Carreer Growth with respect to earnings/inflation/money
    • If you see, you will find.
      Some times we take things for granted and feel very normal or demorlaise with apraisal percentages.
      I Just wants to show when an organisation is growing actually we are also growing ,the only problem we did not evaluate and feel the value of what we have
    • Myself is not best performer here but a performer, i found myself at good worth now with respect to what i joined with a set of specific Skill/Education set _By making a simple growth chart , i analyse
      i am feeling happy
    • Growth excludes variable & extra perks Like Home loan subsidy ,etc

3 #Thank you for Wide Technical Exposure

  • Techincal Exposure i am having here is full of Excitements & Learnings
    • 2011-Oreintation & On Job Trainings_Multiple areas
    • 2012-Got oppportunity to work in Quality for Which Honda is known
    • 2013-Metallurgy lab & Surface Treatments
    • 2014-Supplier Quality Assurance-New Models
    • 2015-Narsapura Supplier Quality-Frame
    • 2016- Narsapura Supplier Quality-Platings & CKD
    • 2017-HO-Supplier Quality-Plastics
    • 2018-HO-Supplier Quality-Plastics
    • 2019-HO-Supplier Quality -BSVI Exhausts
    • 2020-HO-Supplier Quality-Frame-New Model

4 #Thank you for Personal Development

Other than Technical Exposure i am glad to share many of Personal experiences here to show my gratitude to the people who made those experiences wonderful.

They do what they say
I still remeber Shilpa san said during induction programme _Engineers….we are here together , “we want you make manager also“. That day those words were words only for me
when i look back to the journey ,
I saw the organisaion shaping us into Emerging Leaders/managers
I saw, I feel those were not only words_it was a Philosphy/principle/ethics of the organisation

they are really working hard to groom the People associated with, either its employees or business partners or customers.
#ThreeJoys _Joy of Buying ,Joy of Selling, Joy of Creating
I Enjoy Honda.

Honda is Honda……….learning is a culture here

Life is not all about learning soft & technical skills
Here is Something good about Honda
Here We Believe Life is all about safety of self & society
Here We are getting groomed for Road Safety
Here We Are not only learning about safety rule
Here We Are Learning how to avoid Road Rages
Here we are Learning how to mentor other around us in office,family & Friend circle.undefined
Mentor Mentee Program (Pictue credits Sandeep San)
After Training Completion -Road Safety Mentors together in one frame

Every time i feel good -when i see what they say they actually do that.
Honda- “Striving to be a company that society wants to exist”
“Serve people worldwide with the joy of expanding their life’s potential”
Honda is Honda
I Love the Way Is Honda.
{I will not mention the name of all the trainings as it is not Possible in one blog but belive me ,numbers were so good they didnt let you forget the Philosphy & morality of the organisation}

For Honda, People Power is its biggest strength. We have invested in leadership development so that our foundation, which is you, becomes stronger. And we want our power – our people to become our strength.

In Jan2020 Words by
Mr. Minoru Kato
President, CEO & MD

No doubts in mind ,when I read these words of President san. I look around and found many eaxamples available of Honda Power- Honda People
Honda People/Power made my experiences here more wonderful.

I am full of memories and learnings throught my journey here , one thing i am always greatful to have great mentors and leaders
who always created work environment of motovation

Anil Devda San : You were my first official mentor during my training period. you always teach me , You were humble. You never hide any of your Skill. Last moment i remeber we were together in a training of Creativity in MR12. During training when i was having maximum choclates even more than yours . it was a heartfelt moment when you said to trainer , i was first mentor of Monu , If he is winning means i already won

Vikas Chahar San : Sir You were my first Section manager during OJT in Quality . I still remember , During oreintation i was informed that i am very lucky as you are going to work under a very cool person Chahar San. It was actually true , You are a gentle man. i saw you helping people. I was really impressed when you wished me my (2012)birthday in canteen by recognizing me even i was a trainee only . it shows your behaviour. Till now i never heard any of your team member saying any negative thing about. Still the feedback is same Cool and Supporting Leader. Your team building is your USP.

Sunil Ahlawat san: I got opportunity to work with metallurgists You Aditya san, Mahesh San, Kiran San You all shared the packet of knowledge to me .I really learnt alot from all of you, But i spent most of time with you, You always given open hand to work. you always tought me basics and best part projects given to me_Gave me rocognition. Feedback of yours was alwyas a motivation and improvement to me

JP Yadav San : Sir i worked maximum of my time with you and hats off to your way of working. The most Balanced Manager_Firm yet Polite. They way you took meetings , the way you always listen to us and than finalizing the solutions for our problems. I Gave a nickname to you sir within our team Krishna. You Can match all the properties with Krishna-cool, calm, balanced and always solution after listening the actual voice. I can proudly say i learnt under you to live a balanced personal & professional life.

Kails Bendrikar San : Sir After meeting you I got know how a manger chart a growth plan of his team members. they way you did two way communication and Evaluation was a binding force/attraction/cohessiveness in complete team. I saw your method of identifying people and giving chalanges to them for shaping them. i saw you taking tough challenges for you also. i can never forget the words_ Aapko bada banna he to khud se kaam Mango… Dont wait “Come with New ideas & themes” to showcase yourself one level up to the seniors.

Kiran San :You were a freind always , you always treated me like we were working parallel ,the way you delegate authorities and tasks to me. i always felt full of energy during tasks although you were closely watching and available for my support. “aur jitni parties aap ke sath ki he shayad hi kisi senior ke sath ki hongi”

Razak San : You made me confident by your sayings , Sir i always remeber they way you shared my name as co trainer for SQM trainings. This behaviour shows your leadership skills“Taking Responsibility & Sharing Credit “ . when you say about me Monu was very good even i am not reporting to you anymore, believe me it really means alot to me.You took out a trainer out of me

Gaurav San: Sir words are not everthing , but the behaviour is everthing .
your behaviour your emapthy towards you team members is so overwhelming.You findout yourself when a person is trying or waiting to approach you, Best part you didnt wait for team members to approach you , you always call them before approaching _any concern anything you want to discuss. Easy Aprroach to leaders make productivity is at Max. “When I lookback i saw how you have given shape to the Contributers“, i saw them there as an expert of thier commodities” All these words are not mine _some words are of those experts also.

Vikas Kamboj San: Smoothest transformation _Well Diciplined_well organised well equipped. I have a memory when we working on training module of “On Time Inter response”. You called JP san to show module by saying sir monu made it for your review_This behaviour shows your leadership skills“Taking Responsibility & Sharing Credit “. You gave me open arms to work you show trust on me . During module i improved myself alot in that activity.

A single moment of Demonstarting good behaviour and positive feedback leads to fully aligned understanding motivated & Productive Contributors around you

Thanks for Being a good Human Being to me

5 #Thank you For Being Role model

When We talk about our people_our power, there must be a changing moment when we recognize around us ,we all work as employee but some people are extra ordinary. When you meet them , when hear about them, when you see them in action ….it gives you an instinct how powerful is that personality.
Role Models are those whose transformation is visible with roadmap used.
Role models are those whose actions are more more visible and clear than thier words.
Role models are those whose ideology attitude and philosphy can be copied.

Here are some memories ..i am evident of

#M1: During Dec2011~Jan 2012 , i was on rotational training in Low pressure die casting Department, i observed some old & skilled workers were so dominant ,they were rarely afraid of anyone ,they were having there own way of working, One day i saw them working on thier work stations with themselves, i asked them what happened, on time well disciplined. they replied today D_____A san will visiting shop floor, i asked him then what worry to you?
His reply was, He is good man , He is different ,we respect him , we know him since we started our apprentice here.

#M2: I was new to the organisation , i was still working to make rules my habit. Some Times in 2012, 2103 , when i forget to wear my cap in shop floor.
Normally_For some it was nothing, for some to shout for rule not followed.
But_One person use words “i think you forget to wear your cap” Polite yet Firm
(incident happend two times-One time by words ,one time by body language).
Never saw him not follow the rules_Disciplined.
His presence on shop floor reminds me wearing cap on shop floor should be a habit.

#M3: 2014 When I enter in our 3rd Factory Narsapura plant_i smell the Same discipline at the punching gate itself, where
you cannot park your vehicle in parking if you are not wearing Helmet/ Seat Belt,
You cannot enter the work place without complete uniform & Safety Shoes
This was example of implementing a Philoshphy/descipline/habit by defining rules
I did not found a single person in the plant who said we should not follow
Ask me why…….because i saw the same respect in the eyes of all employees which i saw in Die casting employee’s eyes for #M1 person
Like i obsereve Discipline in #M2 person
They were also observing the demosntartion of good habit in their leader , He himself never seen without safety shoes & complete uniform.
They saw the leader as man of action instead of words

#M4: I found everthing was so transparent there , no hidden information , top to bottom management each single word is same to same.
I found people there follow every change required , Ask me why?
We were always getting communication of Each change with WHY & HOW
There was a person as a head with highest number of contributors.
He was a leader seen sharing his progress report to all the contributers via “Employee Connect
He was a leader seen sharing progress & solutions of Employee’s concerns via “Employee Connect
I Became fan to that Employee Connect_ waiting always for something new with Why & How.

#M5 I never Saw a plant head having hand on shoulders on a person who works on shop floor,i saw him asking people on shop floor with Polite gesture during breaks [Instead of using smart phone do something productive call your family instead_i heard a conversation with assembly line member]_Same tone Ploite yet firm.
I never saw a person is connected to the people so strogly

Belive me how magical it is #M1 M2 M3 M4 M5 all memories belongs to one person only
Who belives in “Touching hearts to fly hIgh”
Who is Polite yet Firm
Who is Self Desciplined
Who Shows empathy
Who has earend respect from all
Who create many good leaders in organisation

That is my Role model Vinay Dhingra San

You were always Demonstrating yourself as a great leader , i saw you connected to employees . “When a leader shows path it is very easy to make habits like him”

When I saw many changes in the organisation like Cultural Restoration , Sabbatical leaves and Many more. I smell the same person behind the changes with Why & How
I just want to say your leadership is highly Inspiring and effective to the organisation as well as to personal grooming of ours

#M Latest
Sir On Family day 2020 at Kingdom of dreams
I was overwhelmed when i greet you while coming out of show with my daughter
I was not alone there but Your greet reply was with polite yet firm handshake to me
Sir you asked me how was the show , just before your firm hand handhake it was very good but you made it wonderful by asking a feedback of it during handshake
This is you Sir, My Role Model

I am really thankful to the organisation for Making Our People_Our strength

I am thankful to Role model,Leaders,mentors,trainers, all comapanions during journey for making me what I am today
Thank you for Shaping my habit of “Being happy in what i have” into a Skill of Gratitude

One trainer name i forgot but he started the Creativity training with ACHYUTAM KESHAVAM KRISHNA DAMODARAM

Memories are magical_Referral image Gallery

Dont be Shy belive in I ……….MONU RAWAL

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